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‘Little Free Library’ Charter #109285
Shamrock Lakes, Cape Coral, Florida
(posted September 18, 2020)

'Little Free Libraries' are a global phenomenon. The small, front‐yard book exchanges number 100,000+ around the world in 80 countries — from Iceland to Tasmania to Pakistan. Now, a new Little Free Library will join the movement to share books, bring people together and create communities of readers.
Shamrock Lakes residents Susan Monteleone and Jack Davis invite you to stop by 1208 SE 3rd St., Cape Coral, FL 33990, and see the results of their collaborative effort.
Susan and Jack hope that this endeavor will bring a little more joy, a little more connection, and a whole lot more books to the folks in and around the Shamrock Lakes community.
The Little Free Library nonprofit organization has been honored by the Library of Congress, the National Book Foundation, and the American Library Association, and Reader’s Digest named them one of the “50 Surprising Things We Love about America.” Each year, nearly 10 million books are shared in Little Free Libraries. To learn more, please visit littlefreelibrary.org.
Contact: Susan Monteleone
Telephone: 239 673-7332 Email: [email protected]
‘Little Free Library’ Charter #109285
Shamrock Lakes, Cape Coral, Florida

Hancock Bridge Median Project 
(photos courtesy Jane Manske)
Posted September 1, 2020



Decisions Reached at Our 2020 Annual Meeting (February)


ALERT: New Irrigation Rules, Effective Sat Apr 25

The policy applies to all of Lee County with additional restrictions for the City of Cape Coral. The new rules go into effect Saturday, April 25. Excerpt from The Cape Coral Breeze

The irrigation restrictions are in place to protect the region's water resources. Limited rainfall throughout the dry season has led to decreased groundwater (water beneath the surface) levels in aquifers in Lee County, officials said.

MAJOR CHANGES--lawn irrigation ONE DAY A WEEK ONLY and landscape irrigation PROHIBITED FROM 9a-5p.

The restrictions include residents on private wells.

Learn more about the restrictions here.

 What to Do About Traffic on SE 12 Ave?
  (posted March 1, 2020)  

SURVEY RESULTS: Approximately 30% of the approximately 85 households registered at our website responded to the neighborhood survey. Those responding favored one of the options presented—install a device to monitor auto speed. The option had the highest score (that is, most liked selections minus least liked selections) of 7 votes. No other option came close. For your information, please find below all the written responses to the survey. 

CITY TRAFFIC STUDY: The problem with implementing the preferred option (or doing anything, for that matter) is the City’s response based on its traffic study. The City has concluded that our situation does NOT rise to the level of taking any action, including installing a speed monitoring device, having a police car presence, lowering the speed limit, or posting red flags on the speed limit signs. The Police Department contact said that we can pursue one option (if we so choose)—lobbying our council member to request that the City construct a sidewalk on one side of SE 12th Ave (to serve as a buffer from the roadway). 

BOARD ASSESSMENT: It is the judgment of the Shamrock Lakes Board that we NOT pursue the sidewalk option unless there is strong support for that move—especially from SE 12th Ave. homeowners. At the same time, the Board concluded that ‘doing nothing’ is an unacceptable option. 

With that in mind, we recommend taking one step and, possibly, taking a second step.

--Create a sign and post it on the post located at our entranceway.

--If we don’t observe a noticeable difference, then we recommend taking a second step—that is, securing the support of two SE 12th Ave. homeowners to post signs on their property (one facing north, the other facing south) with a speed caution message on each sign. We’d position the signs sufficiently away from the roadway to avoid City removal.

YOUR THOUGHTS: You may have other ideas about what to do. We’ve created a FORUM at our website for input/discussion. Find it on the right side of our homepage, “Share Thoughts.” You can also contact any member of your neighborhood board.

Frank Fear on behalf of the SLHA Board of Directors 


  1. All of the speeding on SE 12th Ave I have experienced in the 5 yrs I've lived here are residents, appears to be mostly Big Macho Trucks & some sports cars.

  2. This has been a long time issue.

  3. I think most speeders are not residents of the neighborhood.

  4. Although I don't like speeders, I would be STRONGLY opposed to speed bumps.

  5. I do not agree with ANY of these choices. Drop the speed limit to 20 and then, maybe, people will slow down to 30. As someone who's walked this street for 12 years now, I can tell you the speeders are the pool cleaners, the snowbirds, UPS & Fed Ex.

  6. All service trucks.

  7. I don't live on 12th so moderate my answers accordingly.

  8. I have not noticed a problem.

  9. Drivers don't read signs so doubt anything will help.

  10. Thx for working on problem. Might have try several.

  11. We don't live on SE 12th Ave. But we frequently walk and bike that street. The cars often slow.

  12. Thank you for doing such a wonderful job addressing.

  13. A Cruiser sitting around would bring everyone to attention.

  14. Thank you!

  15. I haven’t noticed much speeding. The speed limit is 30, which looks a lot faster to observers than drivers if that makes sense.

  16. Thanks for your efforts.

  17. Speed bumps will slow down police, ambulance and fire response, not to mention breaking their axles. A sidewalk will undoubtedly cause the removal of MANY palm trees on one side of the road. Try flashing the car speed for a while and then TICKETS.

  18. From what I see, there are more residents speeding on SE 12th Ave and throughout Shamrock Lakes.

  19. We believe the speed limit should be no more than 25 mph.

  20. I have never seen anyone speeding on SE 12th Ave.

  21. I don’t really know who the speeders are.

  22. I've dealt with these situations a number of times including numerous traffic surveys. 90% + it is residents. I vote for stop sticks.

  23. Approx. the past month a duck was hit a killed by a speeding vehicle and a squirrel was hit and killed by a different speeding vehicle. Station police (human not just the cruiser) or sidewalks.

  24. Let's get something done. Very dangerous for our walkers and pets.

  25. I'm worried about a worst-case scenario (that is, somebody getting hit) if we don't do something to curb speeding.


****C A N C E L E D****
(COVID-19 concerns)
WHAT: Shamrock Lakes Neighborhood Picnic
 Sunday, March 22
WHERE: German-American Club, SW Pine Island Road, next to Bubba's
TIME: 12:30p-


                                  MUSCOVY DUCK MANAGEMENT IN SHAMROCK LAKES (February 14, 2020)

This isn't an easy topic to discuss because some neighbors find Muscovy Ducks endearing, 
while other neighbors view them as pests.

No matter how anybody feels, know that Muscovy Ducks are an invasive species.  
Because of that status, Lee County has passed an ordinance regarding Muscovy Duck management.

We thank neighbor Richard Bradstreet for providing info in that regard at our annual neighborhood meeting. Here is the Lee County Ordinance regarding Muscovy Ducks.

*9; SECTION 10: MUSCOVY DUCKS AS NUISANCES Animal Services is hereby given the authority to declare Muscovy ducks to be a public nuisance. If a public nuisance is determined to exist, Animal Services may break the eggs and humanely euthanize the ducks or authorize other qualified individuals to do the same. Where a nuisance is created by a Muscovy Duck or ducks, and the person responsible for the ducks can be determined, the person may be issued a citation for contributing to the creation of a public nuisance. The possession of or feeding of Muscovy ducks on public property and private property zoned residential is hereby prohibited.*

**What does it mean for Shamrock Lakes?**

**It is ILLEGAL TO FEED Muscovy Ducks.**
This practice must stop. Besides, Lee County authorities deem human feeding to be unnecessary because our environment provides ducks with an abundance of edible options. Neighbors are upset at other neighbors who are feeding ducks. Because feeding Muscovy Ducks is illegal, Lee County has set high fines for engaging in that practice—$150 for a first offense, $250 for a second offense, and a court appearance with MINIMUM $500 penalty for subsequent offenses.

**If you determine ducks to be pests, what can YOU do? **
(Note: Action can be taken ONLY on your property and not on other properties.)

Lee County recommends securing a PEST COMPANY and asking the company to apply a non-toxic solution (typically in the form of animal urine at the property border) so that the smell repels ducks from your property. [You can read more information about that option here](http://lee.floridahealth.gov/programs-and-services/environmental-health/sanitary-nuisances/muscovy-ducks.html).

**Property owners have the legal right to remove ducks from their property. However, STRICT RULES apply about how property owners may take action.

1) **It is ILLEGAL TO RELOCATE Muscovy Ducks to the wild. **
At issue is HOW that is done. First and foremost, eradication must be done humanely. Know that pistols, rifles, and other similar firearms cannot be discharged legally in the City of Cape Coral. And evidence shows that the use of other means (e.g., pellet or BB guns) often violates the norm of humane treatment. So we recommend contacting a wildlife management service ([an example is Total Wildlife Control](https://totalwildlifecontrol.com/critter-facts-control/muscovy-duck/) to handle eradication for you.

Neighborhood board members are available to discuss this matter, including helping you work through legal and humane solutions. Contact Frank Fear at [email protected] and 517/648-8801 re next steps or talk with any board member—Debbie Breclaw, Kathy Fear, Joe Kulnig, Jane Manske, Barb O’Connell, Stacy Pasek, or Bill Whisler.

[Learn more about Muscovy Ducks here](http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Muscovy_duck//).

***Democracy requires being able to work through difficult issues together.***


 SHAMROCK LAKES GARAGE SALE (posted on February 12, 2020)


--Leverage your sales by selling on the same day when others are selling.
--We advertise for you in local outlets.
--We post signs at the neighborhood entrance.
--Brings more buyers to our neighborhood.

NOTE: City of Cape Coral Requires Each Seller to Register Their Sale. Easy process.

Go to http://garagesale.capecoral.net/

Display permit on the day of sale in full view of customers.

That's it!


(February 5, 2020)

Because we only pay dues once a year, it's easy to forget how to do it. Here are three visuals (below) to help.
--First, go to the homepage and login. You'll see a bell in the upper right. Click.
--Second, that will take you the dues page. Click.
--Third, pay via a bank account or credit card. The system will tell you how to load in info for each option.

Remember, our site is secure, available to us. Site administrators do not have access to your financial info.





(posted December 19, 2019)

Know that the annual homeowners meeting will take place on THURSDAY, FEBRUARY 6, at 6:30 p.m., at the home of Jane Manske and Steve Hammer, 9 SE 12th Avenue (the first house to the left as you enter our neighborhood). Please mark your calendars!

The Shamrock Lakes Homeowners Association Board will be meeting soon to prepare the annual meeting agenda. PLEASE LET US KNOW if you would like an item/issue added to the agenda. You can share ideas publicly at ''Share Thoughts' (bar to the right on our homepage), or you can send thoughts to me directly at [email protected]

Also, our Board is open access. Let me know if you'd like to serve.

Frank Fear on behalf of the SLHA Board of Directors: Debbie Breclaw, Kathy Fear (Sec), Joe Kulnig (VP), Jane Manske, Barb O'Connell (co-Treas), Stacey Pasek, and Bill Whisler (co-Treas)


(October 26, 2019)

Shamrock Lakes Neighbors, 

When I was working full-time, I hated receiving notices about an issue that I knew applied to one person or just a few people, not to the lot of us. As an exec, I hated sending out those messages, too. But I also knew why: people were complaining. 

That is happening now in Shamrock Lakes.

First, ALL DOG-WALKERS MUST CLEAN UP AFTER THEIR PET DOES BUSINESS. If anybody disrespects this obvious rule--and you know who's doing it--document it and report it via the Cape Coral 311 Center at  311 https://etrakit.capecoral.net/etrakit3/CRM/issue.aspx  Let me know, too. 

Second, SPEEDING IN THE NEIGHBORHOOD is always a problem, but IT'S A PARTICULAR PROBLEM WHEN IT'S ONE OF OUR OWN PEOPLE. If you catch a neighbor speeding repeatedly, contact me so that we can talk about how to proceed. 

Third, Shamrock Lakes' properties will only remain marketable if each of us MAINTAIN OUR PREMISES. A FUNDAMENTAL STEP IS LAWN MOWING. If a neighbor has issues in that regard, reach out respectfully to find out why. If the neighbor needs help, let's put our heads together and figure out how we can help. If your intervention is ignored, contact Cape Coral 311.

I feel like I'm lecturing, but please also know that I'm receiving calls and emails, which means people are upset. So while I'm at it, let me close with another lecture. When dealing with any of these matters, don't let emotions get the better of you. I worry about a bad situation leading to something worse.  

Frank Fear

Hurricane Dorian Preparation and Aftermath
(posted August 30, 2019)


A wealth of hurricane-related information is available online through Lee County government. Go to the County’s HURRICANE PREPARATION GUIDE https://www.leegov.com/hurricane/. The Lee County Visitor and Convention Center has a HURRICANE DORIAN UPDATE page https://www.leevcb.com/hurricane-info, which also includes a considerable amount of helpful information.

We have set up a HURRICANE TOPICS page for all neighbors registered at our website. The page is located at SHARE THOUGHTS: ISSUES AND SUGGESTIONS (located to the right on our homepage) and at https://www.shamrocklakes.com/p/Share-Thoughts-Issues-Suggestions-and. Share info, ask questions, offer advice, etc. there.

We are mindful that many neighbors reside elsewhere during the summer months. We’ve experienced anxiety personally during past hurricanes. Know that you are not alone.

--Use our Forum page ask questions and share thoughts, including about the status of your home/property.

--If you would like to talk, contact me at [email protected] and 517/648-8801.

We are here to help.

Frank Fear on behalf of the Board of Directors, Shamrock Lakes Homeowners Association

New Flag at Entrance to Our Neighborhood
...thanks to Steve Hammer and Jane Manske (July 27, 2019)


Summary of Meeting with City and County on the Shamrock Lakes Water Issue (posted July 24, 2019)

Meeting summaries are posted under Pages (right side of our homepage, second from the top).

The PowerPoint presentation will be posted as soon as we receive it from the county.

Thank you, Jane Manske and Barb O'Connell for attending and taking notes! 

Comments/questions--post in 'Share Thoughts' Forum (access through the right side of our homepage) 

TV Coverage of Shamrock Lakes Water Issue (June 27, 2019)

Here is the URL (link) to view TV coverage re grass debris on Shamrock Lakes. Neighbor Ronalee Ashby is featured, along with several local representatives who are responsible for water management.
Update on Shamrock Lakes Debris (June 25, 2019)

Neighbor Nadine Balasco contacted the City and CC responded with lake treatment today. The County is doing additional treatment work. The City and County are working together, which is a good sign.

With the info received today from Nadine and info offered last week by Susan Monteleone and Deb Breclaw, it’s clear that our concerns have been heard and that public agencies are responding constructively.

In the meantime, Barb O’Connell informs me that a media crew from NBC-TV2 was in the neighborhood this morning. Tune in or go online tonight to view the report.

As always, I’ll share more info as I receive it.

Update on Surface Plant Debris on Shamrock Lakes (June 14, 2019)

Our board member, Debbie Breclaw, has been researching what is going on with the unsightly debris that has appeared on the surface of Shamrock Lakes. Debbie contacted Lee County to get the details and, this morning, a Lee staff member briefed me about the situation.

The debris, which looks like grass clippings (because it is from a grass plant), is from Vallisneria Americana (also known as wild/water celery). Plant leaves, shed during the reproduction stage, have floated to the surface.

Lee County has been using a natural approach to manage leaf discharge--grass carp (carp eat the leaves). The problem this year is connected to the aftermath of the last hurricane. With high water levels, many grass carp escaped the Cape Coral system. So, now, the County is adding grass carp to the system. Staff believes that replenishing the carp population represents a longer-term, sustainable management option.

The problem is short-term management. For that, the County is using chemical applications. That approach has been initiated, carefully, as the County experiments with various chemicals to see which one (or combo) works optimally. The County will monitor the situation over the next few weeks/months and adjust treatment as necessary.

The big challenge is blue/green algae, which represents a human health hazard (unlike the wild/water celery, which is an aesthetics issue). Wild/water celery helps combat blue/green algae. That is why the County will not eradicate the plant. The primary objective is to keep algae from growing in our water system. Once there, it is difficult to eradicate, and wild/water celery is part of the management strategy.

As you can see, this is a complicated situation that requires taking a balanced approach to water resource management.

We shall keep you posted on new developments/changes regarding this matter.


Xfinity (Comcast) Problems
(May 6, 2019)

Multiple households in the neighborhood are experiencing internet/TV issues with intermittent service interruptions. For comments, go to our Comments section (right side of our home page).
Comment there if you are having problems. Recommend solutions, too.  

Neighbor's Cat Missing
(March 20, 2019)

Tina Baldwin communicated yesterday to say that her Hemingway cat, Yogi, is missing--the result of a door left open by a contractor who was working at her home. A photo of Yogi is attached. 

The Baldwin's live on Hancock Bridge Parkway at the northern end of our neighborhood.

If you see Yogi, please contact Tina at (727) 320-3019.


New Feature at Our Website
(February 28, 2019)

It's the 'Neighborhood Marketplace" where neighbors can post items of interest for purchase, 
and items for sale/trade.

The first item is on the Marketplace now.
Find 'Marketplace' in the column to the right of our homepage, the last item on the list.

Send items for posting--with a description/price, photo, and contact info--to Frank at [email protected]

"The Shamrock List" of Recommended Service Providers
(February 22, 2019)

Thank you, Barb O'Connell,
for coming up with the idea of assembling a neighborhood-generated list of preferred service providers.

Called 'The Shamrock List,"
you can find the first draft of that list on the righthand side of our homepage. 

Please add to the list!

Send info to Frank Fear at [email protected]
Include the area of service provision, the personal & company name of the service provider,
and phone and email/website contact info.

We'll update the list regularly. 

Shamrock Lakes HOA Annual Meeting Minutes
(February 20, 2019)

Minutes are now posted. See the agenda/minutes portal on the righthand side of our homepage. 

Shamrock HOA Annual Meeting, February 7, 2019




Shamrock Lakes annual picnic at German-American Club in Cape Coral. Thanks to Joe Kulnig for arrangements, Kathy Fear for sign design, and Jane Manske for creating table ornaments. Fun had by all!



SUNDAY FEB. 17, starting at 12:30P

Our annual picnic will be held in conjunction with Biergarten Fest at the German-American Club.

The Club is at 2101 SW Pine Island Road, next to Bubba’s Roadhouse. There’s plenty of free parking available.

Admission is $3 per person—waived for Shamrock Lakes Neighborhood residents
who registered to attend (N=2) adults with kids <12 free.

Gatekeepers will have a list of Shamrock Lakes Neighbors who registered.
If you registered for the picnic, and encounter a problem entering, call Frank at 517/648-8801.

If your party includes >2 adults and/or children >12, the cost is $3 per person, payable to the Club at entrance.

FOOD AND REFRESHMENTS are available for purchase from vendors on-site. MAKE SURE YOU BRING MONEY TO DINE!

We’ll SIT AT TABLES RESERVED for the Shamrock Lakes Neighborhood. Look for SHAMROCK TABLE ORNAMENTS!

TABLES ARE CONCRETE CONSTRUCTIONS. We recommend bringing CUSHIONS/BLANKETS for comfortable seating.


Online Dues Paying, Solar Lights, and Canal Treatment
(January 11, 2019)

You can now pay your annual SLHA dues online at this website.
See the flashing red light at the upper right of your home page. 
Solar lights have been installed at our entrance sign.
Lee County was contacted and then sprayed for hyacinth growth in the Heath and Grey canals.   

(posted January 6, 2019)

The 2019 Annual Meeting will be held on
at the home of Frank & Kathy Fear, 1216 SE 2nd St.
Please come!
Friendship, good discussion, and refreshments guaranteed!

(Posted January 7, 2019) 

Great job by those who took the time to pull weeds and beautify our inland islands--SE 1st Terrace, SE 3rd St., and SE 10th Ave. See results below. Thank you!




(posted December 5. 2018)

Information is posted about homes for sale in our neighborhood.
Go to the listing on the right of our home page.
Go to 'Homes for Sale."